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Hello October and welcome Fall! It is only the beginning of the season but we already have a ton of exciting events and news to share with you this month. As with all of our previous posts, we will be hosting a giveaway at the end the blog and you don’t want to miss out! Plus check out our exclusive interview with the 90’s nail art queen herself and one of our newest Brand Ambassadors, Devin Strebler (@nailz_by_dev).

Now let’s get into the mood for all things warm, cozy and spooky. October is the month to dress up our nails and in our costumes! Our Halloween Shop could help you with that. 


Buy 1 and Get 1 Free on all items in the Halloween Shop with code BOO2021. The shop contains over 40 products to choose from and in select 3STEP, UNITY, BeBio, Matching Set, Specialty Gel Polish colours and all UNPOLISHED products. We are sure you’ll find the perfect red to go with your Squid Game Guard Costume or maybe a teal green to compliment your Squid Game Player look! (We are predicting these costumes- plus the Doll from Squid Game, will be at every Halloween Party this year 😏)

All UNPOLISHED Products are also a part of the Halloween Shop! Our UNPOLISHED Gel Mask Nail Remover creates an effective nail product removal experience without any additional acetone or nail foils. Check out the single bottle here or the removal kit here.

 Not going to be celebrating Halloween this year? No problem. Take advantage of our upcoming Thanksgiving Weekend promo that will be starting tomorrow!


We have our Canadian Thanksgiving coming up on Monday October 11th and to celebrate we will be offering free shipping on all orders over $30 with code GIVETHANKS2021. This offer is valid starting 10.08.21 11AM EDT – 10.12.21 11AM EDT. Our regular minimum spend for free shipping is normally $100, making this promo amazing if you were looking to pick up only a few items or maybe even just the Fall Hue Mystery Subscription Box!


Hue Mystery Subscription Box, is a monthly subscription service where you receive a curated selection of the season’s top five colours along with limited edition exclusive BSG merch, not sold anywhere else. The box will contain five different hues in different BSG formulas (gel, lacquer and dip powder), with one of the colours being from our latest collection! This subscription service offers great value and with minimum savings of 51%.

For more information about Hue Mystery Subscription Box click here.

As we are in a new season, the Summer Box is now sold out and Hue is currently on the Fall release schedule. Those who pre-ordered 2 or more Hue Box last month would have received their Fall Hue Box already. If you have received and opened your Fall box, we hope you like this season’s BSG merch! Perfect for WFH 😉. Don’t forget to snap and share a photo of your new #BSGHue on Instagram for a chance to win a new box each month!

Order your Fall Hue Box today or enter into this month’s blog post giveaway to win one! Rules on how to enter and details of the giveaway are at the end of this blog post.


Of course, this October blog would not be complete without showcasing some of the amazing talent and Fall nail looks we’ve been seeing on Instagram!

@tessa.lyn.nails uses 53 Peaches on these cute Halloween themed nails.

@nailsbyvictorxa uses 1010 Sugar Cookie, 1020 Ember, and 253 Halifax in this swirls set.

@diynails._ uses 1030 Orange Dahlia to create the pumpkins in this look. 

@manikindamood uses 277 Peach Tea, 1013 Spruce, 1030 Orange Dahlia, 70 Red Delicious, 274 Frosting, 20 Honey Bee, 1028 Burlap and Lace and our Velvet No-Wipe Matte Top to create this vintage fall look!

@aymehnails uses colours from our latest Fall Collection in 1048 Coast to Coast, 1045 Living Lush and our Artiste Nail Art Gel to create this croc print design. 

@opalnaillab uses brown shades in 148 Grapevine and 166 Mocha for this ultra adorable look!

@cloudninebeautyy creates this tortoise print nails using 236 Milk Chocolate, 253 Halifax and 151 Black Magic

If you would like to be featured or shared on our Instagram or on the blog, be sure to tag us @bioseaweedgel and include the hashtags #bioseaweedgel and the #BSGColourName you used.


This could arguably be the most exciting news we are sharing today- a teaser on our upcoming Winter 2021 Collection. We will not be disclosing full details as we want to keep you on your toes but here is a hint of what is to come real soon ♡

The upcoming Winter 2021 Collection will be the return of a specialty gel polish! 😄

Drop a comment if you have any guesses of what it could be.


On this month of Artist Spotlight, we couldn’t have picked a better nail artist to chat with then the queen of all things 90’s and insane nail art, BSG Brand Ambassador Devin Strebler (@nailz_by_dev)

Let’s start from the beginning Devin, could you tell us the story of how you got into the nail business and became a nail professional.

"Growing up in school I was never really good at any subject but art, because that’s all I really took interest to. My mom owned a hair salon my whole life and I always went to the beauty conventions with her and took more interest in the nails part of them. I practiced on my friends and myself doing nail art in my spare time and decided to make it a career when no one in my area could ever do nail art on myself the way that I wanted it done!"

Your artistry and nail art work are immaculate. It's amazing how you can achieve such detailed and intricate designs on a tiny canvas! Have you always had a natural talent at drawing or did it take years of practice? Which nail set/look was the longest you've ever worked on?

"In high school, I excelled in art class and always had a talent for drawing and painting. As for doing nails, it definitely took some practice learning how to paint on such a tiny surface and knowing how to scale down an image to fit on a nail. The set that took longest was probably this SPACE JAM set because there was a character on every nail!"

Could you share with us your favourite BSG colours and your favourite nail look using BSG!

"My favorite BSG colors are Bubblegum Pop - Tea Cups - Kandi Yamz - Prize Every Time - Victoria - Highlight – one of my favorite sets I did using these colors were the 90s nails I did!"

I can see that the 90's vibe has a huge influence on your nail work style (Growing up in the 90s myself, love to see that!) Are there any other places, people or things that influence your work and creativity?

"My work is inspired by all things 90s and early 2000s! I also pull inspiration from tattoo artists bold and bright colorful work"

Lastly to close off, we'd love to plug in anything that you may want our followers to know about!

"I’m launching my first black and white art gels on October 9th, so I’m very excited for that! I’m working also on some show nails for a convention that I’m super excited to show everyone! You can also find me on TikTok as @thenailaddict creating fun content when I’m not on Instagram"


Leave a comment telling us which Bio Seaweed Gel Fall Colours you are going to wear this month! Every comment will also double as an entry for a chance to win 1 Fall Hue Box or the equivalent gift card value of $120.

One winner will be contacted by email on November 1st 2021. Must be 18+ to enter and a resident of USA.

For all Canada residents, to leave a comment on our Canada blog click here

Giveaway closed. Winner is Stephanie!


I am rocking the Beet It! Love the #BSGSquad!!!

Cigi Tipton November 01, 2021

Just placed my first order & I can’t wait to wear Mermaid!!

Courtney Parish October 29, 2021

You can find me rocking BSG 1043 Falling Maple all month long! Loving this beautiful color matte and glossy!

Cheyenne Steenbeke October 20, 2021

I’m actually wearing #bsglivinglush. It’s a #bsggreen that I absolutely love!!! The doll from Squid Games 😂😂 fr!

Barbara October 18, 2021

I keep coming back to Wildflower. It’s the most perfect color and works for any season!

Paola October 17, 2021

I’m wearing burlap and lace!

Leslie October 17, 2021

I always love Grapevine and Milk Chocolate. Right now though, I’m wearing Evergreen 😊

Deanna Bailey October 17, 2021

I will wear Midnight Kiss! Love that color.

Brandy October 17, 2021

I’m wearing rose gold!

Kristin Kapperman October 16, 2021

I can’t wait to wear Falling Maple, Sea to Sky, and Wanderlust from the Living Lush collection. I already have Sequoia Red and Wildflower.

Stephanie October 12, 2021

I’ll be wearing Patricia. It’s such a beautiful rich fall color!

Paige Bentley October 09, 2021

I have been following dev for awhile now and love her art work as well. Im wearing moodstruck to set off my tones but could definitely use some more colors.

Jackie October 08, 2021

I’ve been using BSG for 3 or 4 years now and they’re still my go to ❤️❤️ love yaaaaa

Rebecca October 08, 2021

I really like the Grapevine and Mocha

Susanne October 07, 2021

I’m currently wearing black magic and orange you glad for a Halloween themed look! Definitely going to be alternating those and escape the city for a while.

Madeleine October 07, 2021

Devin is so incredibly talented. For the holiday collection, maybe some glittery, shimmery Jellys would be awesome

Cyd Val October 07, 2021

I’m actually currently wearing #bsghazelnut. It looks so cute with my subtle ghost tips 👻 My next set will probably be #bsghalifax. That is such a pretty, creamy nude color. I just love it.

Lisa October 07, 2021

Oh goodness, I keep posting comments, and then the page says I have to go to another page for the US, then when I click on the link, it keeps taking me back to the same 2 pages that both say they are only for Canada. Help!

Tenaya October 07, 2021

I’ll be wearing Wanderlust – and more, if I win!! Sadly, don’t have many Fall colors… YET. ;-D

Tenaya October 07, 2021

I have a feeling I will be wearing Escape the City, and burlap & lace a lot 🥰🥰

Kristina Reinus October 07, 2021

I’ve seen some old posts on Chrome/elements series polishes. I hope it’s one of those or more phases 😍😍😍 I love being apart of the #BSGSquad 💕

Barbara October 07, 2021

Colors for fall that I’m looking forward to are Living Lush and Wildflower

Brandi October 07, 2021

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