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Artist'e Nail Art Gel Polish

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Artist'e by Bio Seaweed Gel is a clear blooming nail art gel polish.

Use with your favourite gel polish colours to create water and airbrush effects.

Individual size: 18 mL(0.60 fl.oz)

Artist'e is a clear blooming nail art gel polish that helps create water and airbrush effects by blooming and spreading colour gel polish.

Use to create endless nail art and designs, including on-trend roses, snakeskin, marble, rose quartz and more.


  1. Perform your regular manicure and/or pedicure. Apply your desired base gel polish and/or colour gel polish and cure according to instructions.
  1. Apply one clear coat of Artist’e Nail Art Gel. DO NOT CURE.
    Use your nail art tool to start designing.
  1. Watch as your “self-art” automatically come to life after a few seconds! Artist’e will spread and create different effects, depending on how you design. Cure and finish with a final top gel polish.

See some of our favourite looks with Artist'e below!

Snakeskin Tutorial by @yesicasnails 

Blooming Rose Tutorial by @yesicasnails 

Rose Quartz Tutorial by @nailexperiments 

Multi-Look Video by @red_iguana

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Got a bottle free in a nail swag bag and after using literally once ima buy like 100 more! Easily the best blooming gel I’ve ever used. I’m dumb and used it as a builder gel cuz I didn’t read the label but the consistency was SO thick I thought it couldn’t be anything else! (In my opinion, it performed beautifully as a hard gel overlay too…) In LOVE with this product!

Jessieka M.

This drop Gel helped me create this amazing look. Definitely one of my faves …just make sure not to use too much!

Cherie Lock
So Much Fun

This blooming gel makes creating interesting nail designs so easy and so much fun! From roses to snakeskin just let your mind roan and craft beautiful designs with an airbrushed look. Remember to let the design form for a few seconds before curing.

Denise Portorreal
Love this

Easy nail art with this magical gel. I’m on my second bottle.

Love it

Easy to use

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