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We are three weeks out from the official first day of Spring but it’s never too early to start (or prepare) spring cleaning. One thing we learned as we grow older and wiser is that the cleaning never really ends – I mean don’t you love it when you clean the kitchen only to wake up the next day to clean the kitchen again? All jokes aside, cleaning, decluttering and organizing does provide some therapeutic relief for us and on this week’s blog we will be sharing some simple tips and tricks on how to spring clean your BSG collection.


Before you start cleaning and organizing, we suggest you declutter first so you don’t have to clean items you no longer need or want. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and discard of anything that no longer sparks joy. Or in this specific case when dealing with old polishes, safely dispose of any colour(s) that may have gone ‘off’ or colours that no longer suit your taste. You will know a polish has gone off when the texture is thick and ‘goopy’- even after troubleshooting by shaking the bottle vigorously and placing the tightly sealed bottle into warm water. It’s good to also know that opened BSG products are best used within 24 months, and unopened products have a shelf-life of 3 years. Not ready to say goodbye? We have a great tip to reuse and recycle your once loved polishes. If you have a few polishes that you no longer enjoy wearing, consider mixing them and creating your custom shades to your liking!


After decluttering, it’s time to clean the bottles! Grab a paper towel or lint-free wipes, soaked with 70%+ alcohol to clean off any sticky polish residue. It’s not just the outside but inside that counts too, so open up the bottles and clean those necks. With your paper towel or lint-free wipes, separate and gently pull out the brush and wand from the cap of the bottle and wipe off all the leaked gel to ensure it is clean, resulting in a like-new brush! To put the brush and wand back into the cap, simply put the brush and want into the bottle first then close the bottle tightly with the cap.

If you are cleaning your Dip Liquid brushes, #5 Brush Saver is an effective cleaning agent that softens and dissolves hardened Dip Powder left over on your nail brush or hardened dip liquid on the neck of the bottles. Take this time as well to also wipe down and clean the area in which you will be storing your polishes.


Now that your collection is decluttered and cleaned it’s time to organize and properly store them away. Everyone has their own personal preference on how to organize and store their polishes, but we just love how it looks to have the bottles displayed on our BSG Wall Rack! Sorted by colours or numerically by the colour name, there is something visually satisfying about seeing polishes being displayed like so. With all purchases made from BSG, you also receive reusable 1-, 6- or 12-piece packaging that is not only intended for safe shipping, but also doubles as a way to store your products! However, you choose to store your polishes, ensure that they are kept in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. Contrary to some belief, you do NOT need to store inside the fridge. Doing so can actually cause the product to become too cold and tough to shake well, room temperature will do just fine


Upkeep! Upkeep! Upkeep! You know how they say ‘prevention is better than a cure’? It may be hard, but don’t let your spring cleaning go to waste and try to maintain what you’ve worked hard to achieve. Having a good storage system, and making a habit of cleaning the bottles after you’ve used them will definitely help in maintaining the welfare and shelf life of your polishes.

We’d love to know; what is your cleaning routine like for maintaining your bottles of polishes? Let us know what your best tip is.

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Cleaning is a priority to me! Like others, I make sure I wipe down my polish bottles and gel pots. I make sure I put items away in their designated spot after use so I know where everything is at all times. I keep most of my stuff on my wheel cart so it’s easy to move and access products :)

Jess February 27, 2021

Upkeep is definitely important for keeping my gel bottles clean! I always make sure to wipe down the neck of the bottle so it doesn’t get stuck with residual polish. Every few months I’ll go through my collection and make sure all the colors I have are still good and not expired or goopy. I then toss out the bad ones to make room for more new ones! :)

Kristen February 24, 2021

Also, when it comes to my builder gel pots, I do the same thing. I always make sure my pots and bottles are clean, again, by using an alcohol pad to make sure there’s no stickiness or dust on my bottles/pots when I grab them.

Kat February 24, 2021

I clean the opening of my bottles, and when they spill, with alcohol. I try to keep my bottles as clean as possible. That way, I don’t have to clean when they get sticky because I HATE when my bottles get sticky😖

Kat February 24, 2021

I have gotten a hard gunk around the opening of the bottles. I have used the brush saver to soften it up and also use it when the bristles get hard. I do use pure acetone to get a good wipe down on the outer portion of the bottles. But my bottles are on their last leg.

Grisel February 24, 2021

I usually don’t clean the bottles of polish, unless polish dripped on the side of the opening. However, with potted gels, like the sculpting systems, I always make sure the sides/edges are clear of gel especially where the lid screws on. I wipe this area with a lint-free wipe. This helps to keep the sides from being sticky.

Kathryn February 24, 2021

Hello, I typically don’t do much to clean my bottles of polish. I typically just wipe them down with a rag to remove any dust and give them a shake to make sure that the polish doesn’t separate.

Victoria Caban February 24, 2021

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