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Our Mini Travel Kit is ideal for personal on the go use.

With this kit, you will be able to get started with your own at-home UNITY All-In-One gel manicures and pedicures with the basic tools and a top selling shade of your choice.

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  • 1 x Glow Mini Light (12W)
    Features double UV/LED light source to cure all types of gel polish with cordless option.
  • 1 x UNITY All-In-One Gel Polish (15mL/0.50 fl.oz)
    One-step gel polish formula that combines our No-Sanding Base, Colour and No-Wipe Top all-in-one bottle.
    Your choice of one colour:
    Your choice of one colour:
    186 Bubblegum: Neon hot pink, solid finish
    251 Edmonton: Medium baby pink, solid finish
    272 Lemonade Freeze: Marigold yellow, solid finish
  • 1 x DMA Buffer Full Size (80/100 grit)
    Multi-purpose DMA (Dip, Manicure and Acrylic) nail buffer.
  • 1 x Printed Nail File (100/180 grit)
    Reversible and ultra-slim nail file.
  • 1 x PediKit (4pc/set)
    Includes individual use file, buffer, pumice file and orangewood stick for prep and removal.

    Not included in kit: 70% alcohol or 100% acetone
    Colours change seasonally.

Ideal for personal and at-home use.

The Glow Mini LED/UV Lamp features 12W double LED/UV light source to cure all types of gel polish. Choose to use cordlessly with 4 x AAA batteries (not included) or plug into any USB port with the included USB cable cord. Matte black finish.

Enjoy a motion-activated 60 second timer and a removable bottom tray for gel pedicures.

For best results, cure four fingers and thumb separately.
We do not recommend this lamp for Sculpting Gel System or professional use.


  • 1 x Glow Mini Light (12W)
    Features double LED/UV light source to cure all types of gel polish with cordless option.
  • 1 x Removable Bottom Tray
    Remove tray for easy gel pedicures.
  • 1 x USB Power Cable (adapter not included)
    Plug into any USB port to power on.
  • Not included: 4 x AAA batteries for cordless use
  • 30-Day Limited Manufacturer Warranty

Colour: Matte Black 
Dimensions: 4.5" x 3.3'' x 2.7"
Power: 12W
5V/2A or 4 x AAA batteries 



Power Source Option #1: USB Cable
Wall adapter not included

  1. Connect USB cable into any compatible power source (wall adapter or USB power supply).
  2. Place four fingers into the Glow Mini Light.
  3. Lamp will turn on with motion-activated 60 second timer.
  4. Place thumb only into the Glow Mini Light.
  5. Lamp will turn on with motion-activated 60 second timer.

Power Source Option #2: Battery
4 x AAA batteries not included

  1. Insert 4 x AAA batteries (for best results, use brand new and high-quality batteries).
  2. Close and hold the battery cover. Push small latch up to lock into place. 
  3. Place four fingers into the Glow Mini Light.
  4. Lamp will turn on with motion-activated 60 second timer.
  5. Place thumb only into the Glow Mini Light.
  6. Lamp will turn on with motion-activated 60 second timer.

Pro Tip: To ensure full cure on nail side walls, turn fingers side to side as you cure.

Important Notes! Read Before Use: 
A. Only choose one of the two power source option.
Do not use both the USB cable and batteries simultaneously, this may cause an over surge of power.  
B. If the Glow Mini Light flashes three times consecutively, this is an indication that the power source is not strong enough. Try a different power source (wall adapter, USB power supply or batteries) and/or power outlet.  

C. Handle the USB port with gentle care. Do not force the USB cable into the port as this will cause physical damage not protected under warranty. Ensure the USB port is properly aligned prior to inserting. 

D. Remove from power source after each use. Failure to do so will result in power over-consumption and may cause the Glow Mini Light to reach end-life prematurely.  


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Choose from all colour product lines: 
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UNITY All-In-One Gel Polish
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Rhinestone Gel Polish
BeBio Nail Lacquer
Dip Powder Colours

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Cute Little Kit!

I love this kit! The lamp is perfect and works with either batteries or a cord so you can choose which option you want! I use the cordless option and keep my lamp in the car so I can do manis on the go! This is great for when you're on a trip and want to do a quick touch up to your mani if any accidents happen. Plus this kit comes with a 1 step polish so manis are super quick!

Perfect lamp for travel!

This little lamp is very compact and offers peace of mind when traveling if touch-ups are needed. I’ve only used with BSG polishes so far, but it has worked great!

Maria Sanchez
First time using… Amazing

This was my first time trying out their products and I am super impressed! I’m a nail tech, and this brand is now on the top of my list.
I love the idea of the kit. Super compact, has everything you need, & perfect for travel.

Great purchase!!

I’m so happy I bought this! It allows you to do gel nails at home for a super reasonable price. It’s great if you’re interested in trying out gel at home but don’t want to go all in for a more expensive kit. Super happy and will be purchasing more gel colors :)

Juliene B
First time user..

I am new to doing my own gel nails, and this set made it easy for me to try it out. The uv/led lamp is easy to use. I do wish that the cord a bit longer, but you do have the option of using it cordless with batteries. So that makes up for it! The cord is compatible with almost all usb adapters. I'm happy with this purchase, and will be doing my nails on my own when I can't make it to the salon.

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