• 1 x Glow Mini Light (12W)*

  • 1 x Upgraded Stronger Base-1 (15mL/0.50 fl.oz)

  • 1 x Upgraded No-Wipe Top (15mL/0.50 fl.oz)

  • 1 x UNITY All-In-One Gel Polish (15mL/0.50 fl.oz)
    #283 Salt & Sand: Milky pink, sheer finish. 

  • 1 x 3STEP Gel Polish (15mL/0.50 fl.oz)
    04 Marshmallow: Pale baby pink, sheer finish

  • 1 x Apron

  • 1 x Towel

  • 1 x DMA Buffer Full Size (1pc)

  • 1 x Professional Gel Buffer (Grey, 1pc)

  • 1 x Printed Nail File (BSG All Over Design, 1pc)

  • 1 x Soak-off Removal Wraps (100pcs)

  • 1 x Lint-free Wipes (100pcs)

  • 3 x PediKit

  • Free Gift: 1 x Painted Set of 3STEP + UNITY Colour Palettes ($60 value)

    Not included in kit: 70% alcohol or 100% acetone
    Colours change seasonally.

*Important notes regarding Glow Mini Light.
Please read before purchase and use:

The Glow Mini Light is NOT recommended for professional use and/or curing Sculpting Gels.
A. Only choose one of the two power source options below. 
Do not use both the USB cable and batteries simultaneously, this may cause an over surge of power.  
B. If the Glow Mini Light flashes three times consecutively, this is an indication that the power source is not strong enough. Try a different power source (wall adapter, USB power supply or batteries) and/or power outlet.  

C. Handle the USB port with gentle care. Do not force the USB cable into the port as this will cause physical damage not protected under warranty. Ensure the USB port is properly aligned prior to inserting. 

D. Remove from power source after each use. Failure to do so will result in power over-consumption and may cause the Glow Mini Light to reach end-life prematurely.