Nail Art Made Easy

Being a girl is hard - especially when it comes to our nails.

While doing our nails a solid colour is sleek and beautiful, sometimes we need to have a little bit of fun with our nails. What is the solution? Nail art!

Nail art spices up any manicure, but it can be hard, especially for those who have never tried it.

With Bio Seaweed Gel polishes, everyone can be a nail artist! 

When using regular nail lacquer, what's done is done. You make a tiny mistake, and it dries before you even realize what has happened. Then you will have to wipe off all of your base work and start all over again.

When using Bio Seaweed Gel, however, you can make a hundred mistakes and fix them all. The gel does not dry/cure until it is exposed to UV or LED light! You can just wipe away your mistake with alcohol, and try again. That means you just start with the last coat you were working on rather than wiping away all your work. 

BSG has 243 very pigmented, self-levelling colours, making it pretty hard to ever run out of nail art ideas.

What does that mean? Nail art with ease! Everyone is an artist with BSG!

Just give it a try :)