Self-Care Advice From Industry Leaders

Issue No. 050


At Bio Seaweed Gel, we stand by Healthier Nails, Healthier You and we mean that in all ways possible beyond our fingertips! You are the most important person in your business and taking care of yourself is a priority, especially through the busy holiday season. With this in mind, we asked some of the most influential faces and trailblazers of the nail industry how they self-care and their tip on how to avoid burn-out this holiday.

Sigourney Nuñez | @nailartbysig

Nail Artist and Content Creator | Based in Los Angeles

Years In Industry:

"I've been in the industry since 2013 but got my manicuring license in 2016”

Your tip to be happier and healthier during the holiday season:

“Self-care has to be something we practice year-round, but it’s particularly important to prioritize it during the holiday season to avoid burnout. To me self-care looks like not skipping a Pilates class and not canceling my therapy appointment. When we are overwhelmed with work and life, it’s so easy to make up excuses to not show up for ourselves but that’s when we need to do it the most.”

Sarah Nguyen | @chrmdbysarah

Queen of CHRMD and Nail Art Curator | Based in New York

Years In Industry:

“Since 2016! Wow time flies!”

Your tip to be happier and healthier during the holiday season:

“Find balance! Holiday is generally a really busy time for nail artists, and we can easily over extend ourselves. Make sure you're extending that same energy to yourself as well as setting boundaries!”

Rachel Joseph | @rachelsuenails

Nail Artist at Rachel Sue Nails | Based in Los Angeles

Years In Industry:

“7 years”

Your tip to be happier and healthier during the holiday season:

“The holiday season is usually very busy so it’s important to take breaks and spend time with your loved ones and take time for yourself also! Long days as a nail artist can take a toll on your body so stretching is a great way to care for your body. One of my favorites is Yoga/Pilates by Melissa Wood Health”

Fariha Ali | @nailjob

Nail Artist | Based in Los Angeles

Years in Industry:

“8 years”

Your tip to be happier and healthier during the holiday season:

“Holiday Season is the busiest time of the year in salon for me and is tempting to fill out my whole calendar to fit in all my clients so that everyone can have their holiday nails. However, I try to remind myself to take days off so I don't feel overrun and then schedule a big vacation (ideally international) right after New Year’s so I have something exciting and motivating to work towards. As a daily stress relief, I love having some seasonal candle or aromatherapy going to uplift my mood throughout the day.”

Devin Strebler | @nailz_by_dev

Owner of and Nail Addicts 90’s Nail Salon, Content Creator | Based in Florida

Years in Industry:

“7 years!”

Your tip to be happier and healthier during the holiday season:

“Don’t forget to schedule yourself some time off! The holidays can be hard to turn down clients and feel the need to “squeeze” people in to take extra clients past your normal work hours, because of the high demand for nails during the Holiday season, but don’t burn yourself out trying to work too much! And don’t forget to buy yourself something nice also! You deserve it! 💕”

Nina Park | @ninanailedit

CEO of SCRATCH Nail Wrap | Based in Boston

Years In Industry:

“Professionally, about six years but I was an avid hobbyist long before that!”

Your tip to be happier and healthier during the holiday season:

“Aside from taking time for yourself, I always recommend indulging yourself in the clients you love- spend the time doing the nails you love with them and try not to rush! The holidays are busy and can be overwhelming but we can't not take clients or do what we love. Just remember to take your time and enjoy the moments!”

Kim Truong | @kimkimnails

Nail Artist | Based in Los Angeles

Years In Industry:

“18 years”

Your tip to be happier and healthier during the holiday season:

“Take time off to pamper yourself and spend time with loved ones”

April Ryan | @red_iguana

CEO of Red Iguana | Based in Las Vegas

Years In Industry:

“16 years”

Your tip to be happier and healthier during the holiday season:

“Practice yoga and gratitude.”

Mar Y Sol Inzerillo | @nailsbymarysoul

Nail Expert & Celebrity Manicurist | New York, Miami

Years In Industry:

“I first started working in the beauty business 20 years ago while in school for Fashion and business management. I worked full time and went to school full time.”

Your tip to be happier and healthier during the holiday season:

“My #1 tip is to find time to do something for yourself, something where you can disconnect from your phone and social media. Over the years I always put my clients first and have learned that making a little time for myself has helped me a better person and be better at my job. It can be a hobby, reading a book, doodling or coloring, or going for a walk for some fresh air to decompress and stretch.

Our industry can be a hectic one and it can be stressful and draining and I’ve found that my hobby, gardening, helps me with my mental health. Being mindful of separating time for myself and my garden helps me disconnect from any intrusive over thinking which can easily cause anxiety.

Another life hack is to always have a journal handy! Journaling helps keep me organized, whether it's writing down to-do lists or writing about a stressful day or about the ups and downs we experience with clients and family, I find that it really helps.  A happier and healthier holiday season starts with you taking care of you. Remember to stay hydrated, stretch, find a hobby even if it's just 20 minutes a day.  I hope that helps and you all have a wonderful holiday season!”

We couldn’t agree more with what each of these ladies said- If you are feeling stressed and or burned out, this is a reminder that it is okay to take breaks for yourself and you should be. As the saying goes, health is wealth, and we urge our readers to put your mental and physical health first. Curious how members of team BSG likes to take a break? Read on to find out!

“My most recent joy is enjoying practicing gentle and energizing yoga flows in the morning! The power of a balanced and awareness of breath has been a great way to shake off any stress in the morning and get a clear mind to start the day.” - Sarah, CEO

“The ultimate self care for me, is making time for my nails. A fresh mani/pedi + taking the time to learn a new nail art look, or organize my nail products is so satisfying.” - Melissa, Customer Service Manager

“Practicing yoga and meditation is one of my favourite forms of self-care. The stretching makes my body feel good and meditating calms me down and helps clear my mind." - Sunny, Order Fulfilment Associate

“One of my favourite self-care activities is going to the spin classes at Sweat & Tonic. While in the studio, it allows me to momentarily forget the ‘outside world’ and focus on myself and health by working up a sweat. I always leave the class feeling energized and feeling good!” - Angela, Marketing Co-ordinator

“My favourite self-care activity is the 30 minutes I take each night before going to bed doing my complete skincare routine. No distractions just taking the time to pamper myself and skin.” - Emily, Social Media Associate


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If you are a nail professional, what are some ways you manage the stress and business during the holiday season?


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