Must Have Nail Colours As Seen On Celebrity Nails

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Since being in business for 17 years, Bio Seaweed Gel has been worn by tens of thousands of customers, but did you know that celebrities wear it as well? From the red carpet to the movie premieres and product launches, top selling BSG colours have been spotted on celebrities such as: Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Cardi B and many more! Read on to find out which star crushed look will be your next manicure.

We created a list of our top 15 celebrity nail looks which feature our must have nail colours. There are ranges from nude to sparkles to even sculpted masterpieces! If these looks are good enough for the red carpet, we think you deserve to rock them too!

Look 1:
53 Peaches on Bella Hadid nails by @kimkimnails

No wonder this nude pastel peach is rated 5 stars! This is a lovely nude shade that looks just peachy on everyone, especially Bella.


Look 2:
01 White on Cardi B nails by @nailson7th

In the mood for clean and fresh? There is no better colour than a crisp white. As seen on Cardi B, here is our classic must have nail colour for every nail kit.

Look 3:
1008 Sarah & C7 Ice on Dua Lipa nails by @kimkimnails

When you are ready to spice things up and be more on the edgy side, try to mix and match our fan favourite black base with a fun pop of colour from us gelChrome line. These nails are so fun!

Look 4:
1005 Mary & 211 Sweet Tart on Camila Cabello nails by @tombachik

Peek-a-boo! We love these adorable red and pink nails. When you are not sure what design to do, try out a simple nail art of the Louboutin nails for a pop of colour. This is where you paint the top of your nails one colour, and do the underside another colour.

Look 5:
Candy Paint Collection, $144 on Heidi Klum nails by @tombachik

Taste the rainbow and have them on your nails too! A skittle manicure is the best option if you want to have more than one colour. Summertime will always be by your side if you try out this look.

Look 6:
R2 Gold Bar, $20 on Jennifer Lopez nails by @tombachik

Sparkles are a nail lover’s best friend. When you need a pop of colour and something to catch your eye, look no further than our All That Glitters Collection! We have a line of royal and luxurious Rhinestone Gel Polishes and each shade is just as stunning.

Look 7:
169 Valentine, $18 on Katy Perry nails by @kimkimnails

Classic red nails are the way to go! Our number one red is Valentine and this romantic red will show your passion for colour.

Look 8:
28 Silver Lining, $18 on Kerry Washington nails by @kimkimnails

This pearly silver is the most chic and simple way to enhance every manicure.

Look 9:
05 Cotton Angel, $18 on Kim Kardashian nails by @kimkimnails

If you don’t already have this gorgeous milky, creamy, soft nude in your collection please add to cart now! It suits every skin tone and is a great base for French Manicure too!

Look 10:
60 Fairytale on Kourtney Kardashian nails by @kimkimnails

This pastel purple is a dreamy fairytale come true! It’s a great alternative to a soft neutral. With its creamy gel formula, painting this shade is a dream come true too!

Look 11:
Rose Base Sculpting Gel, $65 on Kylie Jenner nails by @sojinails

We love these drippy sculpted designed nails. Look familiar? They match Kylie’s Lip Kit packaging!

Look 12:
Clear Builder Gel, $65 on Lil Nas X nails by @sojinails

Lil Nas X always pushes the limits with his fashion statements but it doesn’t stop there! His nails scream personality and creativity. With our Sculpting Builder Gel the designs you can create are limitless. Sculpt any shape you dream of!

Look 13:
273 Milkshake Rihanna @redhotnails

There is nothing like a classic milky nude nails. Milkshake is a gorgeous sheer soft crème that brings out the natural french manicure on anyone’s nail beds.

Look 14:
261 Victoria, $18 & 293 Lime Time, $18 on Selena Gomez nails by @nailsbytombachik

We absolutely love these fun and bold green nails, perfect for summer! Even when the sun is not shining, if you paint your nails these neon shades, you will always feel the sunshine.

Look 15:
1005 Mary, $18 Victoria Beckham nails by @nailsbytombachik

These luxe and rich red nails are a must have classic! Whether you are going for a dinner party, hanging out at home with a good book or walking down the red carpet, red nails are always in.


Now that you’ve seen these gorgeous celebrity nail looks, do you feel inspired to do your nails? We have more looks from celebrities such as Ali Wong, ASAP Ferg, Ella Mai, Gwen Stefani, Meghan Trainor, Missy Eliot, Tia Mowry and so many more! Check out our complete As Seen On directory here.


Which celebrity nail look is your favourite?


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