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You may know her by her given name or recognize her by her Instagram handle, whichever the two, Diana Nguyen of @ricekittynails is no stranger to the #BSGSquad or the nail artist community. Her talent is undeniable, as seen from her stunning and dreamy nail art work, filled with pastel tones and cute characters. On this edition of Artist Spotlight, we have a quick chat with Diana to find out how she stays creative, where she pulls her inspiration from and more.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

"Hi, my name is Diana and I am based in Orange County. I have been doing nails professionally for 5 years.”

How did you get into this profession?

“Before becoming a nail professional, I was a graphic designer. I was working as a graphic design intern in Los Angeles for a couple of years and then realize that I didn’t really enjoy sitting in front of the computer. I did nails as a hobby and decided to go to beauty school to get my license. After passing the state board test, I started working at this nail salon called Black File for 3 years. I chose to get into this profession because I felt like doing nails was a way for me to have a creative outlet.”

What is your favourite thing about being in the nail industry?

“My favourite thing about being in the nail industry is giving my clients beautiful nails for them to have the confidence and self-esteem to live their best life. As well as taking a piece of me with them when they’re going on vacation, wedding, or any special events.”

285 Catching Flights, 23 Powder Blue, 1009 Snow Bare, 272 Lemonade Freeze (left) and 93 Dazed (right)

What other hobbies do you enjoy besides nails?

“Besides doing nails I feel like I’M A BIG FOODIE! I LOVE discovering new restaurants and trying new foods and drinks. I also enjoy singing karaoke (even though I don’t think I have the best voice; I like to sing my heart out because I feel like it’s such a great way to relieve stress and have fun!”

Do you remember how you discovered Bio Seaweed Gel?

“OMG! YES! January 15, 2016 IMATS BSG $10 Mini Mani. My good friend Melissa (@melimelr) tagged me in their IG post where BSG was looking for local LA Nail Artist. Me and Melissa reached out to them to see if we both could work at their booth and we both receive a phone call from Hellen for a quick interview and sure enough we ended up at IMATS 2016.”

Which BSG product or colour is your personal favourite to wear or use?

“This is hard to choose one colour to wear…#BSGBonBon & #BSGPinkSky <3”

275 Bon Bon (left) and 242 Pink Sky (right)

We absolutely love your nail artwork (the pastels, the drawing style, everything is so dreamy!). It is with no doubt that you are very talented at what you do. Could you let us know where do you get your inspiration from when it comes to your nail designs and creativity?

“I love and enjoy working with pastel colours a lot so when it comes to inspiration, it comes from nature’s shapes, colours and patterns. It could also come from animated shows or movies such as Sailor Moon.”

1018 Cashmere (left) and 242 Pink Sky (right)

For all of our curious readers, including myself. What is the story behind your Instagram handle @ricekittynails? It’s super cute!

“That’s a good question. I used to have a cat when I was 11 years old. One day I was eating rice, then I got curious and fed my cat rice and she started eating it and I was like, “AWW RICEKITTY!””

Aside from your Instagram is there any other platform we can find you on? Are there any nail-related projects you have coming up you’d like to share with our readers or something we should keep our eyes peeled for? 👀

“Besides my Instagram, I do have a TikTok account which is @ricekittynails I’m starting to be more active on TikTok. Stay tune to see more nail related fun videos on there. Also, there’s a new BSG summer collection coming soon! So, stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for a video about it.”

1027 Pretty In Sage, 1009 Snow Bare (left) and 20 Honey Bee, 16 Seafoam, 23 Powder Blue, 60 Fairytale, 35 Cotton Candy (right)

If you enjoyed this Artist Spotlight mini-interview, be sure to check out the first one here with Kandi Banks (@kandiyamz). Thank you, Diana, for being a part of this series, and also happy early birthday! This Gemini sweetie has her birthday coming up this Friday and we hope she will have a wonderful day! 

Let us know in the comments below, which nail look by Diana your favourite? To all our BSG Squad reading this, we’d also love to know where do you get your inspiration from? Every comment will also double as an entry for a chance to win a $25 BSG e-Gift card. One winner will be contacted by email on June 9th 2021. Must be 18+ to enter and a resident of USA.

*Update: Giveaway closed, winner is Missy


I love those designs they are so cute

Adriane N Green July 13, 2023

Yay RiceKitty! Her “how to do at home gel manicure” video on YouTube is what brought me to BSG in the first place! I love her sage green/snow bare look! I also love being inspired by nature!

Michelle Stroud June 02, 2021

Yall have some lovely colors

Rachonda Smith May 31, 2021

Pink sky is one of my BSG go-to’s as well! Ricekittynails is crazy talented! I only wish I lived in OC so I could be a partaker of her beautiful gift. I’d say my favorite of the designs featured would be the pastel ombré combo – screams boardwalk summer!!!

Missy May 26, 2021

I love RiceKittyNails’ content! Her posts are always so dreamy. My favorite look is the Pretty in Sage / Snow Bare mani.

Kathryn May 26, 2021

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